Why US?

Because solutions presented during HPS, by very wide implementation serves whole community protecting people lifes directly for example in medicine or just accompaning people in every day lifes. Implementation of this solutions make our lifes easier, safer, more confotable so it makes that people can feel better and more happy.

Producers of different kind of machineries, vehicles and devices usually use in their products all or almost all of these elements – hydraulics, pneumatics, controls and drivers and only HPS gives them the possibilities to find it all at one place.

Our goal ist o creat the best possibilities for entire industry to meet and make business conections.

HPS is to meet needs of Polish and foreign exhibitors to meet at one place for minimalize their costs to exchange experiences as well as for informal meetings. HPS is a place for „face to face“ meetings with clients. HPS is one of the biggest industrial event ensuring  potential clients, trade contacts, support and success. Visitors have got unique chance to meet most important companies of hydraulic and pneumatic industry.

HPS presented offer is used in many different disciplines starting from tools used in our every day lifes, car industry, agiculture medicine and heavy industry. That is why the offer presented during HPS is interesting for very wide range of potential clients from very different disciplines.

Comprehensive usage of these solutions le sus say that without hydraulic and pneumatic we can not imagine our live in present world.